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The Law Offices of Ari Mor, Esq., P.C. serves clients in New York and New Jersey. Call (347) 850-0578 for a LEGAL CONSULTATION.

The firm is guided by the philosophy that great legal representation should not be reserved solely for those with the most resources. The Law Offices of Ari Mor, Esq, P.C. has extensive civil litigation experience, and will be able to quickly analyze the key issues in your case that are central to resolving your dispute with competence and judiciousness. We do everything we can to minimize litigation expenses, and we handle your case with that in mind.

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Ari Mor, Esq.

Attorney and Counselor at Law
Ari Mor is a member of the New York Bar and New Jersey Bar. Mr. Mor is admitted to practice in the Western and Eastern Districts of New York Federal Courts as well as in the Federal District Courts of New Jersey.
Since 1997, the "Lead Counsel Verified" status has been granted to attorneys who possess "The Right Professional Experience and a Spotless Record"

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